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Student Visa Information

The following information provides a general overview of Student Visa policy. Please note that this information does not replace or constitute immigration advice from a licensed immigration adviser.

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General Information

Depending on the visa document itself, students may be subject to strict conditions. Generally, the conditions restrict the student to a particular course of study at an institution and can sometimes include work rights for part-time employment. These conditions must be complied with. If you want any changes, take advice.



International Students

Fee-paying international students are welcome in New Zealand. There are well-developed programmes and services designed to ensure the greatest possible experience for students of all ages. There is a strong focus on high-quality tertiary education for international students by the New Zealand government.

The applicant must:

  • Obtain a formal offer of a place from a New Zealand education provider.

  • Pay full international fees, unless exempt.

  • Meet accommodation requirements if under 18.

  • Have sufficient funds for support, or be sponsored.

  • Not be the holder of a current visitor visa granted under Guardians accompanying students to New Zealand instructions.

  • Hold comprehensive Health Insurance.

  • Satisfy Immigration New Zealand (INZ) that they are a genuine student looking to study in New Zealand.

  • Be of good health and character.

Special note:

It is important to consider that some international students can obtain the right to work up to 20 hours a week during term time and full-time during vacation. Among the many benefits, this is a great way to gain local work experience, practice English and earn some pocket money. However, not every course qualifies you for work rights. Take expert advice to make sure whether this concession applies to you.

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