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Employer Accreditation Information 

The following information provides a general overview of employer accreditation in New Zealand. Please note that this information does not replace or constitute immigration advice from a licensed immigration adviser.

Construction Workers at Work

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Recruiting from overseas

Recruitment of overseas employees involves a lot of learning. From deciding how to employ migrants to providing them with visa options, to helping them settle in New Zealand after they arrive, we can assist you throughout the process. Taking you through the complete process of recruiting from overseas, NZIHS explains your responsibilities.

New employee visa process

If you are hiring an employee from overseas, and they have the necessary qualifications to work in New Zealand, they will need to apply for a work visa. No matter whether you're hiring a new employee who isn't a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand, or if you're hiring someone who already has a work visa, we can help you understand the visa process and take the stress out of your hiring process.

Employer accreditation

Business owners who wish to employ migrant workers will be required to apply for Employer Accreditation from May 2022 onwards. Whether you wish to hire one or multiple migrant workers, accreditation is the first step towards receiving a work visa, regardless of the number of workers you employ. Employers will be required to apply for this new type of accreditation, even if they were previously accredited under the previous system. Three steps are involved, and there are costs and errors to consider. As a business, we can assist you in navigating the maze that exists in the industry.

Employment visa issue support

Employees with specialist skills or who can work in a skill shortage area can apply for a work visa if offered employment.

Maintaining your company's documentation is essential to ensure you do not encounter delays in the processing of your work visa applications. You can rely on NZIHS to audit your documentation, provide answers to your questions, and even provide in-house seminars.

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