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Residence from Work Information

The following information provides a general overview of Residence from Work Visa policy. Please note that this information does not replace or constitute immigration advice from a licensed immigration adviser.

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Residence From Work Category

As soon as key milestones have been met, the holder of a Work to Residence visa can apply for residence. 

Someone who does not qualify under the Skilled Migrant Category can apply for this visa. Consult a licensed immigration adviser if circumstances change such as health, character, or employment before applying for Residence from Work.


Residence From Work

An applicant for a Residence from Work Visa must meet mandatory health, character, and in some cases, English language requirements.


It is largely determined by your skill set, qualifications, and career experience that determines your eligibility.

  • Talent Visa (Arts, Culture and Sports). If you have contributed your talent to New Zealand for two years or longer, you may be considered for residency. 

  • Religious Workers. Religious organizations can apply for Work Visas for religious workers in certain circumstances.

  • Accredited Employer. Applicants paid 200% of the median wage or more may qualify for residence after 24 months of employment starting in July/August 2022.

The Route To Work To Residence Visa NZ

Following satisfactory work for two or three years, opportunities for residence usually arise. The ages and health of applicants, their marital status, the circumstances surrounding the employment, and the policy itself are all subject to change.

NZ has different requirements for Work To Resident Visas, so just because you obtain a Work Visa doesn't guarantee you will get a residency permit. It can be difficult to follow these regulatory processes, and bureaucracy can be intimidating.

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance navigating these complicated conditions. Our experts at NZIHS can guide you through New Zealand's complicated residence from work application process.

General Comments

As of 01 November 2021, changes to the Accredited Employer and Long-Term Skill Shortage work visas have taken effect. It's no longer possible for many people to apply for this visa, but there are still limited opportunities for others. Now is the time to take advice.

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