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Visa expiring soon? Here's what you can do.

To remain in New Zealand, non-residents and citizens of New Zealand must have a valid visa. Here's what you should do if your visa is about to expire.


As a non-resident or a citizen of New Zealand, you must hold a valid visa in order to work, study, or visit the country. However, all temporary visas have an expiry date, so what do you do if yours is about to expire? Here are some things you need to know about expired visas in New Zealand, and how to avoid serious problems.

Apply for a new visa before your current visa expires.

A new visa will be needed if you want to stay longer in New Zealand after your visa expires. Like your first application, you will need to satisfy all requirements and conditions of the visa you are applying for. It is critical to consider that acceptance is not guaranteed in any case, but if you meet all the requirements and conditions for your visa, you have a greater chance of approval and success. If you included family in your first visa application, they will need to go through the application process again if they wish to stay longer.

You may want to start your new visa application as soon as possible if your visa is about to expire. Remember that the processing period for a visa can be lengthy, so you should give yourself enough time for it to be approved and processed before it expires. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you apply two months before the expiration date, with three months being the ideal time frame.

Can I Stay in New Zealand After My Visa Expires?

NO. If your visa has expired and you are still in the country, you cannot remain lawfully in New Zealand. This is why it is so crucial to be aware of your visa expiry date to avoid breaking the law. Maybe you can set yourself a reminder on your calendar, or perhaps on your phone? Whatever it may be, make sure you know exactly when your visa expires to avoid any backlash or unwanted consequences. Visa holders that stay in New Zealand after their expiry date will not be able to work or study in the country, and could be subject to deportation. Eeek!

Section 61 Requests

Any individual who remains in New Zealand with an expired visa must leave the country immediately to avoid legal issues. However, it may serve you well to consider that other actions are possible in certain circumstances. If you believe that you have a special case for staying in New Zealand after your visa expires, you can make a special request for a new temporary or resident visa. However, if you have been served a deportation order before submitting such a request, you are not eligible to apply and you must leave the country immediately.

Being deported from any country, such as New Zealand, will make future visa applications in other countries very difficult. Preparation and timing matter on any visa. If you are ever in this situation, seeking professional immigration advice can save you more than just heartache; it can save you your reputation as a migrant for the days ahead.

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