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New Zealand's border will now be fully reopened by July 2022

A new timeline has been announced by the Government for reopening the border and reconnecting New Zealand with the rest of the world. New Zealand's border will now be fully reopened by the end of July - three months earlier than originally anticipated.


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11 May, 2022

All Work Visa Categories Are Now Open, Including The All-New Accredited Employer Work Visa.

The Government has recently announced that from the 4th of July, all work visa categories, including the all-new Accredited Employer Work Visa will now be open for applications. As part of its plan, the Government has announced changes designed to increase access to and hiring of highly skilled migrants, as well as support some sectors in their efforts to transition away from relying on low-skilled migrants.

In addition, most Work to Residence visa holders who were onshore on the 9th of May and whose visas are expiring on or before the 31st of December have had their visa extended by six months and two-year open work visas have been granted to Essential Skills, Post-Study Work and Partner of a New Zealander work visa holders who were also onshore on 9 May and whose visas are expiring on or before 31 December.

All Student & Visitor Visa Categories Will Reopen.

From the 31st of July, all student and visitor visa categories, and the maritime border, will reopen for applications. The Government has already put in place a border class exception for 5,000 international students, which means they can come to New Zealand once their visas are granted.

This Immigration Rebalance plan looks to uplift working conditions for everyone, improve career pathways for New Zealanders and encourage businesses to focus on increasing productivity and resilience as part of their plans for economic recovery from COVID-19.



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