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Here we share some general information about New Zealand Pets and Possessions.

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Bringing Your Pets

Because New Zealand is an isolated island nation, our unique flora and fauna thrive without the diseases and organisms common elsewhere. This is crucial for our agriculture, which benefits significantly from this isolation, amounting to billions of dollars. As a result, we take strict measures against the importation of living organisms and products that could harbor diseases affecting animals, plants, and even insects.


Given this context, bringing your cat or dog to New Zealand may not be straightforward. It can involve substantial costs and a quarantine period.


Upon arrival:

Every piece of baggage will be inspected by specially trained dogs capable of detecting food or plants that could carry diseases.

Behind the scenes, your luggage will be x-rayed with equipment designed to identify plants and food items. If any prohibited items are found, your bags will be opened, and you may face fines, as warnings are given beforehand.

Useful Information

Before traveling to New Zealand or shipping belongings, it's essential to conduct thorough research. We've compiled some helpful links and an overview for your convenience. It's advisable to consult with a customs or shipping agent well in advance to grasp New Zealand's regulations fully. This proactive approach can help you avoid any unforeseen issues or costly mistakes.

Bringing Your Possessions

Moving house can feel daunting, but in reality, it often unfolds smoothly when approached logically. You're not alone in this; thousands successfully navigate it every month. The anxiety of the unknown is often worse than the actual experience when you stick to this straightforward advice.

Do Not Try To Cut Corners

The price gap between reputable professionals and budget options simply isn't worth the risk. Stick with recommended major removalists. Attempting to save money by "pitching in" or pre-packing doesn't yield the same results. Professionals arrive fully equipped with the right personnel, tools, and expertise. You'll be impressed by how smoothly they transform your home's chaos into an organized "pack and ship" operation. They handle such tasks daily, so there's no situation they can't manage professionally. Simply entrust your home to them and let them take care of everything.

If In Doubt, Include It

Even your beloved old broken wooden spoon won't significantly impact your removal costs. Anything you discard will need to be replaced with your hard-earned dollars upon arrival. Plus, having your familiar items around will provide great comfort as you settle in, especially cherished possessions of your children, no matter their condition.

General Comments

Everything is available in New Zealand, but guarantees and spare parts for unique or niche products might be challenging to find ("orphan" products). Consider purchasing some souvenirs from home—items tourists might buy but that you wouldn't normally consider. Once settled in New Zealand, you'll likely appreciate having a sketch of your local cathedral or a framed photo of your nearby mountain.


Unless you have very young children, avoid packing comforting items in your carry-on baggage. International travel can be challenging with weight restrictions and security procedures. Living out of suitcases is part of the journey; the comfort of your belongings will come when your removalist delivers them to your new home.


Remember, when you need assistance with immigration, feel free to reach out to us!

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