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Investor Visa

Here we share some general information about the Investor Visa policy. This material is for information purposes only. Contact one of our Licensed Immigration Advisers for personal immigration advice.

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Investor Category

The government is keen to attract successful entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and investors ready to invest in the New Zealand economy.


Reach out to our specialist investor team for a free, no-obligation assessment to see if you qualify under the Investor category.

Active Investor Plus

To qualify, applicants must meet a set of requirements, including:

  • Meet English language requirements (which may involve passing an English test)

  • Ensure everyone included in the application is of good health and character

  • Demonstrate they are a fit and proper person (no history of bad business practices)

  • Show NZD 5 to 15 million in investment funds or assets available for investment in New Zealand

  • Prove that the investment funds have been lawfully earned and owned

  • Transfer the investment funds to New Zealand through the banking system

  • Hold the investment in New Zealand for four years

What Are The Conditions?

When an Active Investor Plus Visa application is lodged and processed by Immigration NZ, a positive outcome results in receiving "Approval in Principle (AIP)." The next step after AIP is transferring the funds to New Zealand and investing them into approved investments. This process is more complex than it sounds, and many applicants face challenges at the funds transfer stage.


The principal applicant must spend at least 117 days in New Zealand during the four-year investment period. The investment funds are subject to three audits by Immigration NZ over this period to ensure compliance. Problems can easily arise if funds are moved from one investment to another.


If all requirements are successfully met at the end of the investment term, Permanent Resident Visas (PRVs) are issued. PRVs grant you and your family residency in New Zealand for life, a rare offering in today's world where most countries have complex time limitations or require extended periods of residency before granting permanent status.

Useful Information

The NZIHS immigration advisers and experts take away the stress and worry of navigating the complex world of New Zealand Visitor visas, policies, and immigration.

What Are Acceptable Immigration Investments?

Funds can be invested in the following approved investment classes:

  • Direct investments approved by the NZ government

  • Managed funds approved by the NZ government

  • Listed equities

  • Philanthropy

The required investment amount varies based on the selected investment class. A minimum investment of NZD 5 million must be placed into direct investments (higher risk), while at the top end, NZD 15 million can be allocated with a maximum of 50% into listed equities and 50% into philanthropy (lower risk). Investments between NZD 7.5 and NZD 11.25 million are possible in a mixture of acceptable investment classes. All funds must be invested in New Zealand and held in New Zealand dollars.

Our specialist Investor Visa team has access to trusted providers of approved investment classes, including banks, investment and wealth managers, government-approved investments, and other specialists. We facilitate introductions and connections, allowing you to choose the investment class that suits your risk appetite. This process is complex, and it is crucial to get it right – take professional advice.

What Are Not Acceptable Investments?

Investment funds nominated in the Investor Visa application cannot during the four-investment term:

  • Be used for personal use (e.g. to buy a house, car, boat etc.)

  • Be invested in any form of property, residential or commercial (there is a limited exception - take advice)

  • Moved from one type of holding investment to another

  • Transferred from one acceptable investment to another outside of approved timeframes

  • Invested out of acceptable investments

  • Invested outside NZ and in foreign currency

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