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Internal Complaints Procedure

Talk to the person concerned about the complaint

Tier One

Write (or email) Company Director about the issue.

Tier Two

If issue remains unresolved, contact the IAA.

Tier Three

If and when making a complaint, please note the factual details such as expected deliverable service, exact nature of the concern, specific dates, time and person/s being complained. Always refer to your copy of the IAA Code of Conduct and NZIHS Service Agreement.

Internal Complaints Procedure:

  1. Talk to the person concerned about the complaint.
    We encourage everyone who has concerns about our service or how we handle your application or account, to talk to the person you normally deal with. This could be done by phoning or emailing the person, he/she will respond to your issues within 48 hours.


  2. Write (or email) the Company Director about the issue.
    If you believe that Step 1 did not help resolve the issue, or feel that the response is insufficient, you may write to the company Director about the situation. The Director will respond to you within 10 working days.


  3. If issues remain unsolved, please feel free to contact the Immigration Advisers Authority.
    The Authority provides a form for making a complaint.

    Please see us/make-a-complaint/ or contact IAA for more details: | +64 9 925 3838 | PO Box 6222, Wellesley Street, Auckland, 1141

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