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Housing in
New Zealand

Here we share some general information about Housing in New Zealand.

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Buying a house in New Zealand follows a straightforward process.


Typically, you'd identify a suitable property, contact the agent representing it, and make an offer to the seller. Direct negotiations with the seller are rare.


In New Zealand, the seller pays the commission on the house sale, regardless of how friendly the agent may seem—they represent the seller's interests, not the buyer's.


If you're new to the New Zealand property market, it's wise to consult with a lawyer and your bank before starting. Research the areas you're interested in and familiarize yourself with recent sale prices. Consider engaging a valuer to ensure you pay market value and avoid future disappointments.


Here are some tips:

- Auctions are increasingly common in a competitive market.

- It's standard practice (and highly recommended) to have a lawyer oversee the contractual process, verify the property title for any hidden issues, and manage the settlement process. You are responsible for these legal fees.

- Obtain building reports from a registered builder and an independent valuation to assess the property thoroughly.

- Note that you must be a New Zealand resident to purchase a house.

Useful Information

Part of establishing yourself in New Zealand involves owning your own home. Achieving this dream is possible for some, while others may initially rent until they can save enough for a deposit. Housing options vary across New Zealand, from standalone houses to townhouses, apartments, and units. While most properties are freehold, it's common in central cities to find properties on leasehold land. Seeking professional advice early on is crucial, as buying a home is likely your largest investment.

Housing Values

Auckland and Wellington rank among the most desirable cities globally, with property values surpassing those in other New Zealand cities and regions.


Housing in New Zealand isn't always affordable. Renting and sharing accommodation are often seen as more economical options in major cities like Auckland and Wellington.


If high costs and demand are concerns, exploring housing alternatives in smaller cities could help lower living expenses.

General Comments

For many, the allure of living outside Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch is driven by lower living costs. However, the vibrant energy of these bustling cities continues to attract many.


Is this surge in popularity sustainable? Is it due to speculation or offshore buyers? These questions remain unanswered. Yet, for newcomers considering life in one of the world's most sought-after cities, it's an important factor to consider.


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