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New Zealand
Government Sites

Here we share some general information about the New Zealand Government.


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Government Sites

New Zealand hosts several crucial government websites that are essential to be aware of:

New Zealand Government

The New Zealand Government, formally known as Her Majesty's Government, holds the central authority governing New Zealand.

Inland Revenue Department (IRD)

In New Zealand, taxes are a part of life just like anywhere else. This site offers details on tax structures, rates, and refunds. If you plan to work here, getting an IRD tax number is crucial. For those moving to New Zealand with overseas assets, investments, or income, it's wise to seek tax advice beforehand.

NZ Customs Service

Everything you need to know about the regulations for bringing goods into New Zealand.

Useful Information

New Zealand offers a broad spectrum of government agencies and services. While not all may be relevant to your needs, it's beneficial to familiarize yourself with what's available. Below are links to help navigate these resources. Depending on your personal circumstances, professionals such as accountants and lawyers can assist in managing interactions with government agencies.

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