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Employment in
New Zealand

Here we share some general information about New Zealand Employment.

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Securing meaningful employment is crucial for integrating into a new community. Beyond the necessity of earning an income, a job helps prevent isolation, fosters new friendships, and facilitates better integration into New Zealand society.


For many migrants, finding a job or receiving an appropriate job offer is also pivotal for their immigration application.


Generally, New Zealand employers are open-minded towards migrants. However, they may sometimes hesitate if they're unsure about how well your skills will align with their workplace dynamics. It's beneficial to ensure your Curriculum Vitae (CV) meets local formatting standards. Highlight your skills and experience, demonstrating flexibility and a willingness to adapt to the Kiwi way of working.


Avoid overselling yourself, as employers may be wary of hiring someone who appears overqualified and might leave for a better opportunity soon after obtaining a visa.


Patience is essential in a competitive job market where online recruitment platforms often inundate employers with applications. Many applications may not meet the job requirements, leading to mass rejections or no responses. Remember, the goal of your application is often to secure an interview, where you can personally showcase your suitability for the role.


When you need help navigating the job market or with any immigration-related queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Useful Information

The internet has transformed recruitment, serving as an expansive resource hub and central hub for employment matters. Here are a few New Zealand websites that could prove invaluable:

Paying Tax

All workers in New Zealand pay tax on income received from their employer. The tax is deducted by the employer and paid direct to Inland Revenue. A worker receives their pay "after" tax. This is know as "Pay as you earn" or "PAYE".

Before starting work you need a New Zealand tax number that your employer will ask for. When you open a bank account in New Zealand the bank will ask for your tax number. Apply early for a tax number from Inland Revenue using the link below.

Employment Standards
in New Zealand

Before starting work in New Zealand, familiarize yourself with the duties of workers and employers. While most workplaces are excellent environments, if issues arise, Employment NZ is your primary source for guidance. Use the link below to connect and find the support you need.

The Truth About Employment In NZ

Employers typically favor applicants who are already in New Zealand and ready to start promptly. Many competing migrants have either arrived to explore opportunities firsthand or have prepared to swiftly transition to a Work Visa upon receiving a job offer. Being available immediately or on short notice is a significant advantage that encourages employers to consider your application seriously.


Securing a job offer while overseas is challenging unless your skills are highly sought after locally.

General Comments

Navigating a job search in a new country can be challenging, and there are potential pitfalls to watch out for. When you're in a foreign environment and facing distance-related challenges, it can be tempting to seek help from someone promising to assist you in "finding a job."


Exercise caution. While some offers may be genuine and beneficial, there are also scams and exploitative practices in this field. Job offers might be specifically for immigration purposes or offer below-market pay rates. Seek independent advice to avoid falling victim to these risks.


Remember, if you need assistance with immigration matters, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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