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New Zealand Culture
& History

We can’t cover everything here, but you’ll find some fantastic, in-depth encyclopedia websites listed below for more information.

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Culture & History

Some fun facts about New Zealand:


- New Zealand is the first country to see the sunrise. Thanks to the curvature of the Earth, the city of Gisborne on the North Island’s East Coast is the first to witness the dawn.

- New Zealanders were the first to conquer Mount Everest and discover the proton.

- New Zealand has three official languages: English, Te Reo Māori, and New Zealand Sign Language.

Useful Information

New Zealand is a relatively young country with a fascinating history.


Learning about our history and culture can help you and your family settle in and become part of the community. You might even discover that your country of citizenship has connections with New Zealand dating back over a century!

Internet Versus The Real Experience

You can learn a lot by reading webs galore. However, nothing beats getting out and exploring the historical and cultural sites dotted all around New Zealand. From Waitangi in the far north where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed to the capital city Wellington and the gold mining townships in the South Island, there is a lot to see and learn.

Planning family holidays to new destinations each time you head away will help you get a flavour of New Zealand and its history. Talk to the locals; they are usually happy to share a yarn (story) or two about their local town.

General Comments

Take the time to explore the Helpful Links above, and you'll enjoy hours of learning about New Zealand.


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