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Banking & Finance

Here we share some general information about New Zealand Banking and Finance.

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Banking & Finance

Banking is a regulated industry in New Zealand. A bank must be “registered” with New Zealand’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Banking regulations are strict by world standard; banks in New Zealand have not engaged in the irresponsible actions characterised by less regulated American, British and European banks; so, from a customer point of view, thanks to Government regulation, New Zealand Banks are relatively safe.

  • There are 27 such banks on the Reserve Bank register.

  • Most of those banks, although incorporated in New Zealand, are, in fact, owned overseas. Only 5 banks are locally owned.

Useful Information

Most banks in New Zealand offer full services that include bank accounts, credit cards, loans, term deposits and managed funds. Banks can usually open up an account for you to transfer money into before you arrive in New Zealand. Shop around for a bank that suits your requirements and talk to friends or colleagues about their recommendations. There are excellent online banking facilities and apps to reduce the need to ever visit an actual bank!


If you are carrying more than NZ$10,000 in cash when you arrive in New Zealand, this must be declared when you go through Customs.

General Comments

The Governor of the Reserve Bank (the Central bank) is independent and is protected by legislation from political interference.

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