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Special Cases & Appeals

The following information provides a general overview of Special Cases & Appeals. Please note that this information does not replace or constitute immigration advice from a licensed immigration adviser.

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Special Cases Policy And Appeals

The truth is, it is simply not true that Immigration New Zealand will take into account all of your circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

Each category of policy has specific requirements that officials follow, and applicants who fail to meet those requirements will not be approved.

Because a formal, written policy exists, there are always going to be applicants who don't "make the cut".

In the eyes of the applicant, failing to make the cut is a life filled with disappointment. There is no corruption in the New Zealand system, and case decisions are made according to the rules, not by favouritism.


A visa application that is denied, or a visa that has expired, may be eligible for appeal. Expert knowledge of tribunals, precedent cases, and current trends is paramount to preparing a strong appeal.


Some special cases include but are not limited to:

  • Residence Visa appeals

  • Appeals against deportation

  • Humanitarian appeals

Minister Of Immigration

There is no doubt that the Minister of Immigration possesses the power of absolute discretion and delegation, so it is also true that exceptions and special cases may be feasible, both legally and practically, in exceptional circumstances.

Migrants can become exploited if such a possibility exists, coupled with desperation-driven hope.

It can give hope to migrant applicants when they hear, "I have a great network, and I will write to the Minister on your behalf," but it is unfair if they are misled about the chances of success.

Real Advice, Real Success

It is important that migrants receive honest advice and are not given false hope.

The fact is, approval of Special Cases and exceptions to policy are very few and far between.

General Comments

We at NZIHS handle Special Cases and Appeals, and we have had some spectacular successes. In any case, we will only do so after giving you very honest advice about your chances.

Often, we engage in specialist research or advice to develop a detailed strategy around such Special Cases or appeals.

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